Serving young people in and around Tiptree

How to Volunteer

If you have taken a look at who we are on the Say Hello menu, you will see that although we are quite a large team, at present we are all volunteers. We’re here because we want to support and serve the young people of our community. We’re a mixed bunch of personalities and skills, but what we have in common is a desire to use our time and our gifts to achieve something we believe in. That’s the great thing about volunteering; it brings together people from all walks of life with a common aim and purpose. We particularly need volunteers with the following skills:


Events organising

We need to establish an annual programme of fund-raising social events taking place around the community. This would have a two-fold purpose – augmenting our funds of course, but also to keep us in the public eye.  Most of our team members are in full-time work, willing and able to support such events, but without the time to organise them. We need somebody with time – and energy!


Youth support

We are looking for mature young people, sympathetic to the Christian faith, to work alongside us in supporting our youth activities. Some of us older ones help out, but we really need volunteers closer in age, who understand the pressures of being a teenager in today’s world.